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These well-established programs are evidence-based, two-state initiatives focused on providing access to healthcare for the uninsured and supporting community-based interventions addressing chronic health issues. These programs make use of CaroNova’s technical assistance and evaluation resources, but do not necessarily follow the seven-step innovation process. Affiliate programs serve as a conduit for input and ideas from people and communities most impacted by the issues CaroNova is trying to address.

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AccessHealth includes 30 community-based networks of care across North and South Carolina that provide access to coordinated primary and specialty healthcare services for the low-income and uninsured. Networks, funded in part by The Duke Endowment, are composed of a broad range of healthcare providers and other health-related resources, collaborating to leverage resources and align services. These provider networks offer medical homes and arrange timely, high-quality healthcare services for underserved Carolinians. The overall goal is to ensure that these patients get the right care in the right place and at the right time. Network partners include hospitals, free clinics, certified rural health clinics, community health centers, physicians, medication providers, behavioral health providers, and local health departments.

AccessHealth networks have operated across North and South Carolina for more than a decade and are branded locally within their communities. Through State Implementation Assistance teams, CaroNova provides technical assistance and collaborative learning opportunities to all networks across the Carolinas.

For more information on AccessHealth networks in North Carolina, please click here. For more information on AccessHealth networks in South Carolina, please click here.

Healthy People Healthy Carolinas


Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas (HPHC), an initiative of The Duke Endowment launched in 2015, is a bold, community-based approach to addressing chronic health issues – such as unhealthy weight, diabetes, and heart disease – through the work of local coalitions initiating evidence-based interventions to improve health. HPHC recognizes that health and well-being are created and sustained not just through individual and clinical efforts, but through the cooperation and support of the extended local community. Coalitions involve leaders from a wide spectrum of community organizations – health care, public health, social services, government, education, business, and others – to engage residents in improving their health.

 CaroNova, the North Carolina Healthcare Association, and the South Carolina Hospital Association work with Population Health Improvement Partners to provide technical assistance and coaching to 10 coalitions in North Carolina and 10 coalitions in South Carolina.

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