Healthcare Deserves a Fresh Start.



We’ve Put Ourselves In A Box

The United States health care system is perfectly designed to address and care for acute illness. It does exactly what it was built to do.


Total healthcare expenditures in North and South Carolina in 2022, the most recent year available. Source


of the US population has a chronic disease, creating an epidemic, and 86% of health care costs are attributable to chronic disease. Source

-2 years

Life expectancy is 1-2 years lower in North and South Carolina than nationally. Source

Change is necessary. Change that is scalable, sustainable, and long overdue in the Carolinas.
How do we redefine our systems of care?

  • A Different Approach Is Needed.

It’s time to get outside of the box that we’ve put ourselves in. CaroNova is here to do just that. To rethink and redesign how care can best be delivered to encourage healthy people and communities.

An incubator that connects key people and organizations with promising innovations to accelerate necessary change. Our purpose is to align leaders across the Carolinas in pursuit of a better and more equitable system of care.

We cultivate ideas.

Recognizing every community has untapped ideas, we work systemically to understand and identify regional needs that the Carolinas share. Using transparency and data to drive process, payment, and policy reforms, we focus on evidence-based results and endeavor to replicate what works.

We co-design solutions.

We engage with payers, providers, and community members on the front end of the process. Our role is to connect and leverage resources by convening the right stakeholders to identify, create and refine health innovations that are scalable and sustainable.

We catalyze change.

Integrated into every topic we address is a drive to ensure equitable access to appropriate resources and care for all Carolinians. Our unique, collaborative approach places health equity at the center of all we do.

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